books for creative kids



"An outstanding small press in NYC,
should you be the kind of parent always looking
for something special for the bookshelf."

Cool Mom Picks, February 2015

"My 5 year old daughter...loves the books
so very much that she sleeps with them."
Green Spot Blue, January 2015


"They're stunning."
Swiss Miss, January 2015


"I recently discovered Home Grown Books
and both Lucus and I have fallen in love."
Babiekins, December 2014


"These lovely books are not just for toddlers,
but for mom and dad too."
Pips + Beck, November 2014


"These books are both meaningful and beautiful."
"This new-to-me publisher has raised the board book bar."
Design of the Picture Book, October 2014


"One of the best things about these books
is that they actually inspire activity.

"I truly adore the minimalist nature of the
books and the engaging pictures."
Rachelous, August 2014

"The pages are nothing short of magical with
their words and their illustrations."
"My sons were immediately drawn into the books."
Carrots are Orange, August 2014


"These beautiful books are such a pleasure to read."
An Everyday Story, May 2014


"Undeniably one of my favorite discoveries."
Pirouette, March 2014





Home Grown Books Elephant

 "It’s exactly the kind of company I like to support with my dollars"
New Urban Habitat, January 2014


"A mother’s dream come true."
My Sweet Greens, January 2014


"A great holiday gift for lil' readers."
Bebe Birds, December 2013

"Honestly, I can’t say enough good
things about The Adventuring Set...
This is truly a one of a kind book set."
Nerdy with Children, December 2013


"This book set will definitely stay in
our home library for years to come."
The Little Style File, September 2013


"These are beautiful books you can proudly gift."
Bookshelf Bombshells, April 2013

"Put the rushed bedtime ritual to sleep with
indie darling Home Grown Books."
Daily Candy, March 2013


"Must-have library additions for tots foraying into
the world of the written word."
Inhabitots, August 2012


"High brow baby books"
Stroller Traffic, August 2012



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