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About Us

We believe raising diverse thinkers will change the world.

Every child is unique – and the educational materials they use should reflect that. Our books embrace your child’s individuality and creativity, meeting them where they are, not where they “should” be.

You won’t find one-size-fits-all, workbook-style teaching methods here – what you will find is much more valuable.

You will find books that naturally support your child on their unique path to being a lifelong reader, no matter where they are in their development. You will find books that go beyond teaching your child to read – they teach your child to LOVE reading. You will find books that have concepts that go far, far beyond the words on the page – introducing the valuable skill of engaging your imagination while reading.

How did we get here?

Home Grown Books grew out of a tiny homeschool collective in Brooklyn, where a teacher was hand-making little books to teach her students to read. This teacher collaborated with an early reading specialist to create The Play Book Pack, and so began Home Grown Books.

What makes Home Grown Books different?

Our books are not phonics-based. Where phonics-based books are often non-sensical (“The mat sat on the hat.”) and overly focused on decoding, our books are written to make sense and our illustrations are made to engage your child beyond the words on the page.

We use a wholistic, organic, content-based model to teach your child to read. Our books include all of the important skills that phonics-based books teach, while also teaching your child to make meaning when reading text - the most important skill to develop a lifelong love of reading.

With Home Grown Books, your soon-to-be-reader will:

  • practice important reading behaviors like reading left to right, turning pages, recognizing parts of a book
  • build their vocabulary
  • learn to decode words
  • refer to the supportive illustrations to problem solve any words they may not know or things they may not understand
  • recognize punctuation and sentences
  • practice their comprehension skills
  • expect to make meaning when reading text be truly engaged with the text and the artwork in the book
  • happily return to the books over and over, strengthening their reading skills with each re-read
  • most importantly, love reading!

Who should use Home Grown Books?

Any child who is learning to read, showing interest in reading, and/or in early development of their language skills. Our books are also great for any person (big or small!) who is learning English as a second language.

Home Grown Books are great for these learning environments:

  • homeschools
  • Montessori teaching approaches
  • Reggio Emilia teaching approaches
  • organic learning approaches
  • early childhood classes & classrooms
  • ESL classes & classrooms
  • home! 

  • parents who are teaching their child to read 

  • parents who want to support their struggling reader
parents of ESL students who want to support their reader


A few more things...

MADE IN USA: Every book we publish is dreamed up, created, and printed in the USA.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Every book we publish is as eco-friendly as possible. We use recycled paper, no-VOC vegetable inks, and wind power.

GIVING BACK: For all purchases of our Mini Museum Series, 5% of our profits go towards arts organizations of the artist’s choice.

WE’RE HERE FOR YOU: Have questions? Want some help figuring out which books are right for your child? Email us! 

Who We Are

Kyla Ryman Home Grown Books

During her work within homeschool collectives as a reading specialist, Kyla saw a need for creative and compelling reading content for children. In 2012, she founded Home Grown Books to develop resources that empowered parents and inspired little readers. Kyla is a mother of two boys and an advocate of organic learning for children. She embraces thinking, playing, and creating as the building blocks for learning. Kyla has a Masters in Early Childhood Education and a Reading Specialty from Bank Street College. She taught for 12 years in the public school system, tutored, and worked with a homeschool collective.

Born a book lover, Kristin memorized the words to Cat in the Hat before she could even walk. Eventually, she begrudgingly put down Dr. Seuss and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Studio Art at Florida State University. Before joining Home Grown Books, Kristin worked in Montessori preschools, homeschool co-ops, and independent publishing companies. She is inspired by the creativity and passion kids put into everything they do, and is committed to making beautifully made books accessible for little ones everywhere.

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