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  • Process for Beginning Readers
  • Kristin McLaughlin
Process for Beginning Readers

We’ve gathered three booklets that are perfect for introducing and familiarizing your little one with the concept of process. These booklets are aesthetically diverse, ranging from watercolor and ink illustrations to oil painting images, and will visually support your reader through the process of progression in each narrative. Each page has just one word on it, so your child can focus on mastering the concept of process.

These booklets, listed in order of increasing difficulty, can be used individually or as a collection that will reinforce your child’s knowledge. Using these books together will paint a clearer picture of what a process is- the steps that come together to create a finished product and the things that rely on each other to further progress. Grasping how a the Earth relates to an egg, and how thinking relates to flying, is made easier with these easy to follow booklets. Start with Planet and move through to Flying to increase the difficulty with each booklet.

In Earth, start the journey with our planet contrasted next to the moon and get closer and closer to ground until you can see baby birds hatch from speckled eggs. This booklet takes the reader on a trip through the sky, down to a bustling city, into a shady park, up a tree, and up close to a nest where life is born. Being able to see a baby bird hatching as a part of a greater process of life and sustainability is a powerful lesson for a child, and the book would work just as well backwards. Start with the small baby bird and make your way back until the bird is dwarfed by the massive planet we inhabit.

Earth booklet

Strawberry Pie takes a familiar process, baking a cake, and breaks it down so that each of the steps can be observed. The simple directions (pick, collect, wash) are easy for early readers to absorb and follow. Each step features rich oil painting illustrations that demonstrate the steps visually, so your child can follow along throughout the entire process. The booklet can be referred back to with questions about process- what would happen if we had never picked the strawberries? Would the pie be the same if we didn’t roll the bread? These questions can help to reify the process your child just read about and can help you to assess your child’s understanding.

Strawberry Pie booklet

The adventure the narrator takes readers on in Flying is spectacularly fun! The narrator starts the day dressing and finishes the day flying- with each action in between simply expressed (thinking) and accompanied by a visual representation (a bright blue lightbulb above the narrator’s head). This playful book will familiarize your child with the many actions that make up a process, as well as provide them with more advanced vocabulary and grammar by introducing the present progressive tense.

Flying booklet

These books are great tools for any parent or educator interested in helping their child think about process and the interconnectedness of action. The booklets work best when read repeatedly, and are especially effective when read forwards and then backwards. Engage your little one with these beautiful booklets!

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Process Educational Collection
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Strawberry Pie

  • Kristin McLaughlin

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