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Cut Outs in the Classroom with Nathalie Trovato

Nathalie Trovato, the artist behind the beautiful, colorful images in our Environmental Pack, shared with us an activity she did with her Pre-K classroom at the International School of Brooklyn. The activity reflects Nathalie’s background working with vibrant paper cut outs, which capture the attention of young readers and artists without overwhelming them visually. These simple but deeply expressive images are perfect for adapting to a preschool classroom.

This activity reflects Nathalie’s proficiency at finding the intersections between art creation, language acquisition, and collaboration. She first asked the students to cut out shapes from colorful pieces of construction paper. They were free to choose any shape, but had identify it in order to achieve language acquisition accomplishments throughout the lesson.

Children cutting shapes from paper

The students then pasted these shapes onto a single large sheet of white paper. They were encouraged to get creative with placement, and take up the whole sheet with their shapes.

Once the large sheet of paper was filled, the children were asked to highlight the shapes by painting them with a black border.

The finished project is a showcase of the students’ creativity when choosing and placing the shape, the development of fine motor skills that were challenged both when cutting the shapes and outlining them, and the wonderful collaborative effort between all of the students.

This activity is a fun, creative way to assess students’ ability levels both in language acquisition and vocabulary, and in fine motor skills development. By observing the shapes each child chose to make (based on aesthetic preference and on the requirement that they should be able to identify it) and the skill with which they cut the shape and carefully outlined it, teachers (and parents!) can gauge their students’ progress while the children have a great time. The best part? At the end the class has a beautiful piece of art they all created together!

Learn more about Nathalie through her artist video! 

  • Sarah Heffernan
  • educationexplorationhgbinspirationresources

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  • Aug 23, 2016

    I love this multi-faceted, multi media approach. Collage, paint, narrative, it all can come together with the right prompts. Thanks for the inspiration!

    — Phil

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