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Inspiration: Healthy Packed Lunches

September is right around the corner and with the changing leaves comes the return of school day lunches. Whether your little one is eating in the cafeteria or at the kitchen table, taking a break for a healthy meal in the middle of the day is both fun and important. Coming up with creative, balanced meals can be difficult and while your little one may be able to eat chicken nuggets for every meal, it's nice to diversify the menu and expand their palates. We’ve compiled a list of four Instagram accounts that focus on healthy, creative and downright beautiful looking food for little tummies.

1. With five little mouths to feed, Sylina Lunches knows how to pack a quick lunch without compromising nutrition. The lunches featured here are probably best for adventurous eaters, between chicken and spinach kebabs and a vermicelli noodle salad bowl, your little one will never get bored of these inspired meals. 

Healthy lunches

2. The simple and clean lunchboxes on This Little Lunch emphasize a plant-based nutritious diet that will please any eater. The fresh ingredients in these lunches are perfect for a those warm September afternoons.


3. Victoria de Ranitz, mother, hair and makeup artist, and expert lunch box packer, applies her artistic skills to these beautifully designed lunches. The ingredients are simple and nutritious and the presentation will be a sweet surprise when your little one opens the lid!

4. The Natural Nurturer has no shortage of natural school lunch ideas, and incorporates original recipes for other desserts, dinners, and snacks that can all be found on her blog. These mouthwatering lunches and treats are healthy, satisfying, and filling.

Check out all of these Instagram accounts for tips, tricks, and inspiration to keep your little ones healthy and happy this school year!

  • Kristin McLaughlin
  • inspiration

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