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  • Kristin McLaughlin

Dive into the magical worlds of What Do You See? and Air! Our two newest board books go on sale today.

Air and What do you see? board books

Explore Wangechi Mutu’s fantastical world in What Do You See? an unusual seek-and-find book for inquisitive children. Close up images of Mutu’s rich artwork cover the pages, perfect for poring over with your little one.  5% of all profits from What Do You See? go to Every Mother Counts, a non-profit dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for mothers globally. Delve into Wangechi Mutu's fantastical world and use your imagination to answer the question - what do you see?




Learn about the magic of something we can’t see but can’t live without in Air. The colorful papercut illustrations will invite your little one to think about the importance of clean air.





Read more about Wangechi Mutu here, and about the wonderful things happening at Every Mother Counts here.
Order What Do You See? and Air today!

  • Kristin McLaughlin

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