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Introduction to Sequencing for Beginning Readers

We’ve gathered six paperback booklets that are perfect for familiarizing your beginning or emergent reader with the pattern of following directions and understanding sequential steps.

Sequencing, or understanding that a series of steps come together to reach a specific outcome, is a huge part of developing reading comprehension in young readers. When reading these books, talk about the importance that the steps in each book are in a specific order. What would happen if we baked a strawberry pie before rolling the dough? Or if we tried to put the blanket roof on a fort before we gathered chairs? Recognizing that some actions must happen in a specific order to get to a desired outcome is a huge step in understanding sequencing. For further sequencing practice, you can also prompt your little reader to find the beginning, middle, and end of each project shown in the books.

Below is a little more information about each of the booklets. You can use these booklets individually, or you can use the collection as a whole to introduce your child to directions and sequences. The booklets below are listed in order of increasing reading difficulty, beginning with one word per page in Strawberry Pie to full semi-patterned sentences in Finger Painting.

Strawberry Pie booklet
The simplest book in this collection is
Strawberry Pie, with only one word (all verbs) per page. The delicious directions take the reader from picking strawberries straight off the vine to rolling the dough. The directions are simplified into one word, perfect for early readers and their parents who love to bake. This booklet is also particularly good for discussing sequential directions.

How to Make a Fort booklet
How to Make a Fort we follow a child who gathers all the supplies needed to construct their perfect fort: chairs, blankets, clothespins, friends, and books. The language in this booklet is simple but a little more advanced than Strawberry Pie, with one to two words per page (both verbs and nouns). This booklet introduces readers to the idea that many different individual items may need to come together to make a final product.

One Sock Puppet booklet
One Sock Puppet, we follow along as an old sock gets dramatically reimagined as a Dia de los Muertos-inspired puppet. This booklet has three words per page, and includes numbers, adjectives, and nouns. Each page takes the reader through the steps of creating the puppet, and the booklet itself will open up conversation around how common items can be re-used in imaginative and unique ways.  

Bake It! booklet
Bake It!
is another good introduction into reading recipes and following sequential directions. Each page features a simple two word sentence, and will familiarize your new reader with capitalization and punctuation. There is also a delicious almond shortbread recipe included at the end of this booklet!

Make Me a Pirate booklet
Make Me a Pirate
is a first person narrative of a child transforming into a pirate with a little help from mom’s eyeliner and other materials found around the house. This booklet has more challenging text, with full sentences and alternating sentence patterns (“I take… I make…”). Beyond the text, this booklet can be used as inspiration for a fun dress up game that will challenge your child to think outside the box and utilize things in your household.

Finger Painting booklet
Finger Painting
is the most complex booklet in this collection. The full sentences on each page alternate in pattern (“I choose… I paint…”) until the final page, where we are left with a question. This booklet will introduce the idea that there are choices to make, even within creative, messy projects. Also features a brief introduction to colors, shapes, and letters.

The creativity and imagination that spring from the page bring these activities alive in a way that’s totally accessible to your early reader. The directions on each page are simple enough for even the newest readers to comprehend, while the accompanying illustrations visually support your new reader as they encounter new vocabulary. You and your little one can see yourself involved in the process every step of the way. And the best part is that you can be! These booklets feature simplified recipes and activities that are totally duplicatable, so your little one can become a pirate, put on a puppet show, build a fort, and bake a strawberry pie all at home.

Purchase all of the booklets in this collection:
Sequencing Educational Collection
Or purchase the booklets individually:
Strawberry Pie
How to Make a Fort
One Sock Puppet
Bake It
Make Me a Pirate
Finger Painting

  • Jessica Brown
  • educationhgb

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