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Inspiration: Matisse Cut Outs

Henri Matisse

Starting in the 1940's, Henri Matisse began creating cut-outs. Using only paper and scissors, Matisse transformed these constructions into various forms, including books, stained glass windows, and textiles. Some cut-outs were small, while others climbed high along the walls of his home.

We've rounded up a small collection of Matisse's cut-outs that we love. Our favorite part about these cut-outs is that they can be used as inspiration for so many activities with your little one: learning about shapes, improving fine motor skills, learning colors and color theory, observing nature, and embracing their imagination and creativity. For more information on his process, his work, and his life, you can find a Matisse cut-outs children's book by MoMA here and their exhibition catalog here.

White Algae on Red and Green Background

White Alga on Orange and Red Background


The Snail

The Lagoon


The Parakeet and the Mermaid


Polinesia the Sky

  • Jessica Brown
  • inspiration

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