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"-ing" Verbs for Beginning Readers

We've gathered three booklets that are perfect for introducing and familiarizing your early reader with the present participle, or “-ing” verbs, through simple words and sentences. These booklets pair clear images of an action with the corresponding present participle verb. This combination of visual cues and patterned text will support your little one as they become familiar with reading and understanding present participles. 

The booklets, listed in order of increasing difficulty, can be used individually or as a collection that will build upon your child’s knowledge of “-ing” verbs by stepping up the difficulty level in each booklet. Start with Water and move through to What Comes Next? to guide your child from single words on a page to full sentences.

The simplest book in this collection is Water, with one present participle word per page. All of the words have to do with the ways that we interact with water; diving, fishing, raining and so on. On each page there is a vibrant paper cut out that represents the verb on the accompanying page. These simple images are extremely helpful in visually expressing a concept to early readers. On the last page there is a simple science experiment that you can use as an opportunity to try out the “-ing” verbs you just learned in the book.

The words and illustrations in Flying are slightly more challenging than in Water. This book can be used to strengthen your child’s vocabulary, given the more advanced nature of the words. Inspired by the Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine, the book follows a man on his journey of creating a flying machine and soaring over the landscape. The accompanying illustrations will spark your child’s imagination and draw them into the story, inviting them to puzzle out the ways the drawings reflect the verbs on the page. This book is also great for working on sequencing- the journey follows the man through the steps of his project from thinking and inventing all the way through to flying.

The final and most difficult book in the collection is What Comes Next? The book’s detailed illustrations work with the sentences on the page to help your child understand the concept of “-ing” while building their vocabulary. Sentences like “The schooner is sailing.” both familiarize your child with the present participle within a complete sentence and introduce them to new, challenging vocabulary. Each page shows the objects that arrived in the previous pages, and a little hint of the objects to come on the following pages. 

These three books are perfect for introducing your little one to the concept of “-ing” verbs. 

Purchase the three booklets in this collection:
"-ing" Verbs Educational Collection 
Or purchase the booklets individually:
What Comes Next?

  • Jessica Brown
  • education

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