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  • Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
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Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day and we figured you and your little one could use some garb to go along with your swashbucklin’ accents. We tried out three craft ideas to deck your little pirate out!

Pretend play is a wonderful way to link the books your child is reading to something engaging and fun off of the page. Make Me a Pirate, one of our early reader books featuring Sara Woster’s playful oil paintings, is the perfect link between play and literacy for imaginative little pirates. 

Eye Patch!

You’ll need: black foam sheet/felt, length of black yarn, leather, or cord, scissors.

Start with a black foam page (felt works too!) and a piece of black yarn, leather, or cord.

Cut out an eyepatch shape and cut or pierce (using scissors or a hole punch) two holes- one in the top corner of the patch and one in the bottom.

Thread one piece of string through each hole and tie a knot in the back to keep the string in place. Make sure the pieces of string are long enough to be able to tie around your child’s head.

Adjust the shape and size of the eyepatch after trying it on to get the best look possible, then tie the two string in the back so they eyepatch rests on your little one’s face without being too tight.

Pirate Hat!

You’ll need: black construction paper, white construction paper, cardstock, tape or glue, scissors.

Start by cutting out this general outline for a pirate hat.

Cut out a little skull and crossbones from the white construction paper, or get creative with something else you have around the house to decorate the front of the hat.

Attach, with tape or glue, a strip of cardstock to the bottom length of the hat outline.

Measure out enough cardstock to rest comfortably on your child’s head, then attach it to the cardstock on the front of the hat.

Allow to dry and then pop the hat on!

Parrot partner!

I got this idea from Pop Goes the Page and adjusted it to work for me - you’re encouraged to do the same!
What you’ll need: toilet paper roll, colorful construction paper, tape or glue, pipe cleaner, hole punch. 

Start by cutting out two strips of construction paper and either gluing or taping the paper to the toilet paper roll.

Next, cut out a colorful belly for the bird, two eyes, and a beak! Encourage your little creator to get creative with decorating the parrot - feathers? Feet? Spots? Stripes? Tape or glue these additions onto the parrot.

Next punch two holes into the sides of the toilet paper roll, and run the pipe cleaner through the two holes. Wiggle your hand into the space the pipe cleaner leaves tighten or loosen accordingly.

Older children can practice fine motor skills with these crafts and a little support, and younger children with love their brand new look! Incorporate pretend play into learning to bring a story alive.

Order Make Me a Pirate here, and check out some ways you can use Make Me a Pirate to strengthen literacy skills in the Introduction to Sequencing blog.

  • Kristin McLaughlin
  • exploration

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