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  • Happy International Literacy Day!
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Happy International Literacy Day!

To celebrate International Literacy Day, we wanted to create a list of beautiful books to introduce your little one to environmentalism. Check out the discount code at the end of this post to get 25% of all order today only!

Creating environmentally conscious children is a priority to us, but introducing your little ones to the concept of conservation can be daunting. The guiding intention in familiarizing children with these ideas should be to strengthen children’s relationship to nature and gently introduce some ways that we can help to be conscious of the planet we inhabit.

We’ve compiled eight books that will help your little explorer learn all about animals, the environment, and conservation. These informative and subtle books all feature with illustrations as beautiful as our own green planet.


Counting on Community
Written and Illustrated by Innosanto Nagara

From the writer and illustrator of the best selling ABC book A is for Activist, comes this counting book that focuses on the power of community. Loosely centered around the urban environment as a potential site for environmental activism, Nagara promotes the value of coming together as a community to foster sustainability. The role of urban farming in the book is a perfect way to talk to children living in cities or suburbs about ways that they can work towards conservation from their own communities.

My Very First Book of Animal Homes
Written and Illustrated by Eric Carle
This interactive board book features playful images of animal habitats (a beehive, a burrow, a shell) on the top half of the page with the images of the animals (bees, a rabbit, a turtle) on the bottom. The page is divided and the animals are in a different order than their homes, creating a fun game of matching the animal with their home! This is an engaging way to introduce your child to the specificities of animal habitats through play, and can be as educational or recreational as you and your little one want it to be!
Written by Kyla Ryman, Illustrated by Nathalie Trovato
Air, one of our very own board books, features the colorful paper cut outs of Nathalie Trovato along with a subtle message about the importance of clean air. The pages introduce children to the magic of something we can't see but can't live without through beautiful and engaging illustrations. 

All in a Day
Written by Cynthia Rylant, Illustrated by Nikki McClure
Cynthia Rylant’s sweet message about staying present and enjoying our time on this Earth is complemented by Nikki McClure’s gorgeous illustrations of farm life. The pages of this book sing the praises of living sustainably and respecting our planet, and will be a delight to read for all ages.


One Day on Our Blue Planet… In the Antarctic
Written and Illustrated by Ella Bailey
Follow a precocious penguin chick around her natural habitat and learn all about how she lives. Bailey's story is interwoven with facts about the ocean and the antarctic, a perfect blend of engaging narrative and educational information about this ecosystem. Learn something new by reading this story over and over again without ever getting bored of looking at the vibrant illustrations.

Crane Boy
Written by Diana Cohn, Illustrated by Youme Landowne

Learn about Bhutanese culture and their approach to environmental protection in this informative and fascinating book. Kinga and his classmates embark on a mission to protect the diminishing number of cranes that fly over his village by learning about ancient means of protection. This book is a beautiful way to introduce your child not only to environmental protection, but also to a new culture and the diversity of ways people across the world work with the environment and everything living in it.

Seeds of Change: Wangari's Gift to the World
Written by Jen Cullerton Johnson, Illustrated by Sonia Lynn Sadler
Follow Wangari Maathai on her journey to becoming the first African woman and environmentalist to win a Nobel Peace Prize in this vibrantly illustrated tale. Wangari's story is inspiring to young minds wishing to affect change in the world, incorporating the importance of respecting nature and bringing ones expertise back to their community. 


The Lorax
Written and Illustrated by Dr. Seuss

The classic tale of environmental destruction and subsequent activism told in The Lorax has only become more poignant with time. This playful story unpacks the very real dangers of mindlessly exploiting the environment, and delivers a powerful message about the need for people to care deeply and take action.

Preserving our environment is urgently important and it's never too early to start encouraging your little one to think about the beauty of our Earth! All fo the books on this list can be used to start a conversation about ways that you can make a difference starting in your own home. 

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  • Sarah Heffernan
  • educationresources

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