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  • DIY: Picture Matching and Scavenger Hunt
  • Sarah Heffernan
  • exploration
DIY: Picture Matching and Scavenger Hunt

The leaves are turning and with the change in season comes a slight chill! This scavenger hunt and matching game is the perfect excuse to layer up, get outside and engage with the stunning transformation of scenery.

To create this activity, I came up with a list of items that are nature and autumn related in my area. I then illustrated and cut out small images of each of the items, so that players could match the images with their corresponding name. The next step is to take it outside and begin the scavenger hunt. The pictures visually support readers through becoming familiar with new fall vocabulary, offering cues as to what the words are without giving the answer away. The scavenger hunt in the end reinforces the vocabulary words your reader just learned!

This scavenger hunt activity is perfect for engaging with fall both educationally and physically. To come up with your own list of items, start paying attention to what you see in your own neighborhood. Changing leaves, pumpkins on porches, fallen branches, big wet rocks, bright red berries, anything you see around you.

With these items in mind, create a list of items in clearly written handwriting (feel free to type it up, it’s important for your child to be able to read the letters).

Next, draw and color in images of these items. Cut out the images so that they are squares that can be moved around easily.

Have your child sound out each word or phrase and then find the corresponding image. Continue until every item on the list is matched with its picture.

Tape or glue the images down and hit the streets (or woods)! Use the visual and verbal list to find these images and explore the autumnal climate. 

  • Sarah Heffernan
  • exploration

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