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  • DIY: book making
  • Sarah Heffernan
DIY: book making

Making your own book is a surprisingly easy activity you can do with your little author! These simple instructions will end in having a bound book that your little one can fill with stories and drawings. 

Start by gathering your materials. For the booklet you will need one piece of thick paper for the cover- I used white construction paper but feel free to use cardstock, colored construction paper, even the inside of a cereal box. You will need several pieces of computer or sketch paper for the inside pages. (Remember that one piece of paper folded means four front and back pages. I used two pieces of folded paper and had eight pages total.) To tie the book together, I used a needle and thread. Little hands would probably need some help on this step, so feel free to amend it by using a three hole punch and yarn to bind it.

Start by folding the cardstock and thinner paper in half, making sure that the cardstock is on the outside of the thinner paper. You can cut this down to whatever size you want. I like to trim the edges of the inner paper so it creates a more realistic book effect.

Next, take the needle and thread it through all three (or more) pieces of paper through the center of the page, along the spine of the book. Pull it through, leaving some extra thread at the end so that you can knot it at the end.

Then thread it about two inches from the top of the page and pull it through again.

Next, thread it BACK through the middle, creating a closed loop through the top half of the page.

Thread it next through the outside spine near the bottom of the page (about two inches from the bottom again) and pull it through all the way.

Finally, thread your needle back through the middle hole and out to the other side.

You can tie a bow with the two string strands coming out of the back of the book, or, if you don’t want the string to show it all, tie a knot in it and use your scissors to cut the excess string off. Where the thread shows inside the book, tie a knot using the two strands and cut the excess string off.

For littler hands:

Use a hole punch to make three holes through the spine. The top and bottom holes should about two inches from the edges of the page, and the middle hole should sit in between them. Each hole should be cut about a half inch from the spine.

Cut three pieces of yarn about three inches long. Thread a piece through each hole and either tie it in a knot or a bow on the other side. Cut off the excess yarn.

Now you have a book! 

Encourage your little one to use their imagination with this project. If they need some suggestions, you can suggest a theme- maybe nature, what makes them happy, or something in their lives they did recently. Fill the pages with images, or words, or both with colored pencils or crayons. Markers and paint may bleed through thinner paper so be aware of that when choosing your materials.The steps can be a bit tricky so give your child some help when they need it. Add another book to your bookshelf- this one penned by your very own author!


  • Sarah Heffernan

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