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Conservation for Beginning Readers

We’ve gathered four paperback booklets that are perfect for introducing your child to the importance of our environment. Familiarize your little one with the ways that the Earth works to support us without overwhelming them, by presenting easy to process information.  These gentle booklets explore how water, soil, sun, ice and living things all work together to create a sustainable environment.

The booklets, listed in order of increasing difficulty, can be used individually or as a collection that will provide your child with several perspectives of environmental connectedness. Start with Garden and move through to Earth to guide your child from single words on a page to full sentences.

Garden booklet

Garden, the simplest booklet in the collection, can also be used as the most difficult depending on how you choose to utilize the book. The words on each page are simple and perfect for beginning readers, with just the name of the vegetable growing in the watercolor painting above. The paintings, however, are a full view of a growing vegetable from the roots absorbing nutrients from the soil all the way up to the leaves reaching towards the sunlight. Use the simple words to introduce younger readers to the contents of a garden, and challenge older children to identify plant parts in each image.

Animals booklet

The furry and feathered creatures featured in Animals all interact with their environments in unique ways. The beautiful watercolor landscapes portray both domestic and wild animals in their habitats, encouraging a conversation about why some animals live with us and some live in the wild. The ways that animals live in the wild is a wonderful way to talk about the importance of sustaining our environment and protecting these animals’ homes.

Water booklet

Explore the many uses of water in Nathalie Trovato’s boldly rendered world with Water. One present participle verb per page means the simple text will improve your child’s literacy skills and vocabulary without overwhelming them. This book is wonderful for brainstorming all the ways we use water, thinking about where water comes from, and reflecting on the importance of water in our day to day lives.

Earth bookletThe most challenging book in the collection, Earth, outlines the ways that we use what the Earth gives us. In vibrant paper cut outs, we see pigs rolling in mud that the Earth created and friends exchanging flowers the Earth grew. These connections are explicitly stated, but feature connections that will get your little reader thinking creatively about the things we use that come from the Earth.

The conservation booklet grouping presents a diverse perspective on the ways that we interact with the Earth, allowing you to present the material as you see fit. The themes of each booklet complement each other, coming together to form a more cohesive picture of how the Earth works with all of its elements to sustain the remarkable world we live in!

Purchase all three booklets in this collection:
Conservation Educational Collection 
Or purchase the booklets individually:

  • Sarah Heffernan
  • educationhgb

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