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  • Autumnal Sensory Activities
  • Jessica Brown
Autumnal Sensory Activities

Ring in the fall season with autumn themed sensory activities that will improve fine motor skills. The change of season can mean exciting new projects and activities to try out. Take advantage of the newly vibrant landscape and get to playing!

Bleeding Tissue Paper Art

Create abstract fall scenery, a colorful background, or a windswept tree with just colored tissue paper and water. Experiment with color mixing the tissue paper and experimenting with paper sizes, then wet it with a spray bottle against your surface. Push it down then gently remove the tissue paper when dry. Watch a blank canvas turn into a vital fall landscape in minutes! This project should be directed by your little artist, so let them choose the colors, rip the paper, spray the water bottle and press down the tissue paper if they’re able. Revisit this project to make adjustments and experiment with different colors, amounts of water, and sizes of paper to see how that affects the final product.

Pumpkin Scented Playdough

Pumpkin scented playdough is surprisingly simple to make, and especially yummy to smell. The play dough is perfect for sensory play and engaging all of your child’s senses.

Pumpkin Scented Playdough Invitation to Play

Combine the playdough recipe above with fall related materials like twigs, pumpkin seeds, leaves, and acorns to encourage fine motor skill development and creative expression. Watch as your little one uses the materials to create patterns, tell stories, and imagine characters using what they have available to them.

Cinnamon Scented Paint (Edible!)

Another easy sensory activity to engage your child’s sense of scent is this cinnamon scented paint. Mix in some cinnamon spice blend and work on fine motor skills like hand eye coordination through paint application and pre-writing skills on a blank canvas.

Fall Sensory Bins

Check out this list of ten fall sensory bins for some inspiration. Creating seasonal sensory bins helps introduce the specifics of the season and can acclimate your child to the coming climate. Pumpkin guts sensory bins make for a super fun (and super messy!) activity and the Autumn Sensory Play bin has enough elements to engage your little one for longer than average.

These sensory play activities will work to improve your child’s fine motor skills all while having a blast. Celebrate the fall equinox with some messy sensory play!

  • Jessica Brown

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