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Art Creation Booklets for Beginning Readers

We’ve gathered three booklets perfect for introducing and familiarizing your child with art creation. The three booklets draw upon introductory art making skills including painting and color mixing, instruments and music making, and crafting. The books use simple language and sentence structure supported by vibrant illustration to create an artistic atmosphere and inspiration to create.

The booklets can be used individually or as a collection to build upon your child’s literacy development and knowledge of art creation.

The simplest book in this collection, One Sock Puppet, uses three words per page to walk readers through the process of creating a Day of the Dead inspired sock puppet. Cecile Dyer’s playful illustrations feature tiny hands getting creative with needle and thread, ending in a puppet show featuring the child’s creation.

Explore Cecile Dyer’s world in Band, where a band of animals takes the stage. Familiarize your little one with the ways that a group of artists can come together to create something beautiful. The whimsical illustrations accompany simple sentences that support readers through a pattern while introducing more complex vocabulary.


Sara Woster’s bold oil paintings in Finger Painting support readers visually support the reader through more complex first person sentences in which the character chooses colors to paint shapes and letters. Introduce your budding painter to the possibilities of painting and encourage their agency with this child-driven narrative of artistic experimentation.


The pages of Instruments are replete with fantastical watercolor images of saxophones, trumpets, drums and more. While there is only one word per page, the complex vocabulary is perfect for strengthening literacy skills in more advanced readers.

Use these books to encourage artistic endeavors while engaging your reader in fun and challenging literary adventures!

Purchase the four booklets in this collection:
Art Creation Educational Collection
Or purchase the booklets individually:
One Sock Puppet
Finger Painting

  • Jessica Brown
  • educationhgb

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