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  • Why do we make books for the earliest reader?
  • Kyla Ryman
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Why do we make books for the earliest reader?

As children reach this special stage, they need to be fully immersed in the world of reading. Children need to be read to and be surrounded by books that they can read as well. This exploration of reading is also intertwined with their exploration of the world around them—the more practice with different ideas, art, words, and play, the better.

The first reading experience is thrilling—the second the spark for reading begins, a reader is created. There is instant success and understanding as a window to another world opens.

The Environmental Book Pack Air
"Air" from The Environmental Book Pack

For 10 years I worked with children as a reading specialist, supporting them on the exciting path to becoming readers. However, outside of school-based “trade books”, I found very few interesting, beautiful, and well supported texts to create this spark.

At Home Grown Books, we made it our mission to create those books for families at home. Providing this holistic support works well at home because families can give children the one to one support that is challenging to provide in a large classroom full of children.

We are so excited to support your beginning reader and your family at this wonderful moment!

  • Kyla Ryman
  • educationhgb

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