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A million thanks!

Here at Home Grown Books we are working hard or printing, packing, ordering, pricing, folding, fixing, posting, emailing, calling, and on and on and on. . . and none of it would be possible without the love and support of those around us. So thanks to everyone who is helping us build tools for better teaching and more exciting learning.

And if your name is listed below, know that your Kickstarter donation is helping us get the presses rolling!

THANKS to you:

Alexander Dupuy

Jennifer Burrell
Amber DaSilva

Andrew Goffman

Barbara Toll
Bettina Rosarius

Beverly Israely
Blaise Dupuy
Caroline Fenner
Chelsea Day School
Chris Boals

Dawn Davis
Debra Bailly
Devra Breslow

Donna Green

Doris Palmeros
Dorothy Wilbur
Elizabeth Hargraves Mandy
Ellen Lanyon
Ellen Ross
Ellen Telzer

Erica Davis
Erin DaCosta
Ethan Cornell
Fabricio Grimaldi
Gayle Collins
GladysAnn Adams
Heidi Klingelhofer
Hillary Blumberg
Jan Benson
Jesse Mae Stacy
John Adams
Julie Schiffman
Kathleen Sullivan

Laura Lee Vo
Laurence Lombart
Lexi Stern
Lisa Kirsch
Lynda Stern
Melanie Paterson
Michelle Knutson
Noah and Mya!
Remy Kothe

Robin Hammes
Russell Quy
Susan Cohen
Susan Lehrer
Thalia Zelnik
Thomas Fuhs

Whitney George
Yodon Thonden
Yvenne King
Yvonne Force Villareal
Cynthia Anne Stanley
Bonnie Rogenes
Rev. Alyta Adams
Lucy Lippard
Allison Fox-Glover
Norma Katz
Jim Arsenault
James Faris
Carl Bascom

John Colagioia

Suzanne Lea

Danny Pettry


Megan Holmes

Marguerite Kahrl


Traci Stout

Brad Gabriel

Patricia Willens

Sheila Firehair

Alexander Tochilovsky


  • Kyla Ryman
  • hgb

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