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  • ps321 STUFF you should buy & ps29 Eat Pie and Shop
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ps321 STUFF you should buy & ps29 Eat Pie and Shop

Is your little one excited for the upcoming Holidays? Bring them to the holiday fairs at ps321 this Saturday, December 5th and ps29 this Sunday, December 6th to have some fun picking out holiday gifts for the whole family! Home Grown Books will have a booth with all of our limited edition items along with our beautiful books. We love the holidays and exploring what great treasures we're able to find while supporting local businesses. Come see us!

What: ps321, STUFF you should buy Holiday Market

When: Saturday, December 5th
Doors Open: 10:00 am

Where: 180 7th Ave, Park Slope
b/w 1st & 2nd St.


What: ps29, Eat Pie & Shop Holiday Market

When: Sunday, December 6th
Doors Open: 11:00

Where: 425 Henry St, Cobble Hill
b/w Baltic & Kane

  • Jessica Brown
  • hgb

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