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Inspiration: Fall Activites

With fall in full swing and leaves changing colors, nature is more interesting than ever. We found a few of our favorite activities to do with kids during the fall season and wanted to share them with you.

1. An adorable take on a classic fall activity, gather some leaves with your little one, grab a brown paper bag and make a beautiful animal headband.

2. This bark owl is a sweet and simple art project. All you need is some bark, a pumpkin seed and a few acorn shells to craft this cute little guy.

3. Cut felt into leaves and poke holes for yarn to glide though, find a plastic sewing needle and help your little one practice hand-eye coordination while making a creative garland.

4. Go for a walk with your child and bring a bag to collect things along the way, when you get home create a mobile with the treasures you found. 

5. Glue leaves between rice paper and use circular packaging that cheese comes in for a top and base to construct a whimsical leaf lantern.

6. Paint maple seeds striking colors and glue a stick in the middle to make a colorful dragonfly. 

To find more in depth directions on how to create these beautiful projects click on the pictures or the blogs below where we found these great ideas.

1. Handmade Charlotte   2. Fireflies and Mupies  3. A Beautiful Mess 4. Jen Loves Kev   5. Red Ted Art   6. Filth Wizardry

(see more on our fall pinterest board)

  • Jessica Brown
  • inspirationresources

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