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In the Studio: Katherine Bradford

In the Studio: Katherine Bradford

Katherine Bradford, one of the artists working with us to produce the Mini Museum Series, splits her creative time between Brooklyn and Maine. During my most recent visit to her Brooklyn studio, I snapped a few photos of her studio space and in-progress paintings.

One of my favorite things about visiting Katherine's studio are the clusters of paintings that find homes in all parts of her space. They congregate, sometimes stacked upon one another so that only a little corner of each painting peeks out, or balanced on one another as both the display and the displayed, or gathered on the floor together.

There's a playfulness in her work, and it comes through in her studio space as well. Even her art supplies seem to gather and make a home for themselves. Some cross the boundaries between art material and and sculpture seamlessly.

Katherine Bradford paintings

Katherine Bradford paint materials

Katherine Bradford stacked paintings

Katherine Bradford stacked paintings 2

Katherine Bradford paintings arrangement

Katherine Bradford paint materials 2

Katherine Bradford paint materials 3

Katherine Bradford paint concepts

We're excited to share her playful work with little art lovers in our newest book, Six. It's a whole new take on a counting book—so think engaging (not in numerical order!) counting book with the bonus of gorgeous artwork by Katherine. Six will be available for pre-order August 10, and will available to ship September 1. Follow our Instagram or join our mailing list to stay updated!

Katherine Bradford paints on the floor



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