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Partnership with the Lily Sarah Grace Fund

We are very excited to announce that we will be partnering with the wonderful Lily Sarah Grace Fund in our newest project, The Mini Museum Series. For each book that is purchased, 5% of that profit will be donated to the LSG Fund.

Lily Sarah Grace Fund

The Lily Sarah Grace Fund works to provide multiple grants throughout the school year to public schools that need help in supporting child-centered learning and creativity in the classroom. LSG believes in Arts-Infused Inquiry-Based Learning (AIIBL) which focuses on classroom experiences and learning through physical creation. They help educators provide an artistic and interactive learning environment for all different stages and types of learning.

Lily Sarah Grace Fund child at play

We strongly believe in the power of artistic process and content as an educational tool, which is why LSG is such a perfect fit for us. Each Mini Museum book you buy supports art education, and brings a little piece of the museum home to your little one's library: it's a win/win!

The first two books in The Mini Museum Series will be available for pre-sale next week: follow along on Instagram or through our newsletter to get updates.

  • Jessica Brown
  • hgb

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