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Supported Reading: more info

Practice makes perfect! And it is so true in learning how to read. Even the simplest books can be read, looked at, and tried out many times until children feel like they have conquered them. The books used in this video, some harder and some easier, were all “just right” books for children to read with a grown up. They spent time in the picture walk and learning the pattern before they even attempted to read it themselves. This gives them the repetition of going through the book so many times that they can’t help but be successful. When they finally do it independently, it feels like they slayed the dragon.

Sometimes schools send home these types of early reader books for kids to keep reading independently. A child can practice before they feel proficient and confident with their reading ability. In this video, Shanon does a lot to support their reading—they can hear the words, use their fingers to point to each word, say the words aloud, use pictures to understand the words and repeat the whole sentence for fluency. So much is happening. One of my favorite literacy experts, Marie Clay, has a book called The Patterning of Complex Behavior. Yes, this is heavy stuff—but just the title says so much. It IS the patterning of reading which is a very complex behavior. And yes, it comes easier to some kids than others, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that we all eventually learn in our own time, with joy. See the below video to see some examples of how to do a supported reading with your little reader.



  • Kyla Ryman
  • educationhgb

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