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Aware and Awake: Children and Social Change

Last week, I visited the Children's Museum of Art in Manhattan to see Aware and Awake, an interactive exhibit created to promote and encourage mindful change through creativity and the arts. Curator Gala Narezo was kind enough to show me around (and will be taking over our Instagram this week—more on that below!).

Aware and Awake

Aware and Awake

Aware and Awake gently guides children through culturally relevant, interesting explorations of themselves and their communities. The exploration into change (why it's needed, who can do it, how to make it happen) is all presented in an open-ended 'curriculum' that is clear enough to guide children but open enough to promote lots of creative critical thinking. A unique, major strength of this project is that the very complex subject of social responsibility is made totally accessible for little ones without being overly simplified or dumbed down. 

Aware and Awake exhibit 2

Every Thursday and Saturday through the end of the year, CMA will be hosting workshops that will allow children to explore social change ideas within their own communities. If you're in NYC, it's definitely worth a look (and Saturdays are free!). You can see all of CMA's events here, including the Thursday and Saturday workshops for Aware and Awake. Gala will also be taking over our Instagram this week - sharing some of the projects she has worked on with children that have brought about real community change - so be sure to follow along with us there!

Aware and Awake exhibit 3

Aware and Awake exhibit 4

  • Jessica Brown
  • educationresources

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