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Picture Walk: more info

The first video on our Parent Resource Page demonstrates how to do a picture walk with your child. This strategy is the fundamental starting point for introducing a new book to your reader. You can use this technique to introduce any book with pictures, whether your child will be reading independently or you will be reading the book to them.

This approach allows your child to examine the book without any pressure. In turn, they enjoy the pictures, they get a very clear idea about what they can expect, and they learn new vocabulary before they even begin reading the book. Once they have made predictions about what will happen, they are excited to get started on the actual reading of the book.

Watching this video, you will see some children with teachers and parents explore books and get ready to read. The children are very naturally relating to the book by looking at the title, discussing the pictures, noticing details in the pictures, and relating the pictures to their own stories. Picture walks are a great way to develop language skills, which help create engaged readers.

I would love for you to try doing a picture walk with your child and comment on our blog about how it went. Ask questions or share some things you discovered that we didn't cover in the video. Happy reading!

  • Kyla Ryman
  • education

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