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Behind the Scenes of Our Video Guides

At the beginning of this year, we started filming for a project that had been in the works for years. Kyla wanted to create a reference tool for parents that could guide them through the beginning reading process, but simply writing about the steps didn't seem like enough. We decided to create videos focusing on 5 specific reading strategies that parents could easily use at home: picture walk, introducing the pattern, supported reading, using phonics cues, and using picture cues.

We had to film in two stages: first, we filmed beginning readers reading our books with educators and their parents. Chelsea Day School, a progressive preschool in NYC, kindly allowed us to use their beautiful classrooms to film the readings. And even though it was the dead of winter, we had an excellent turn out of families who volunteered to spend their Saturday reading with us.

Home Grown Books Chelsea Day School

After the day of reading and filming at CDS, we ended up with more than 16 hours of video to review! These 16 hours had to be cut down to 5 videos that lasted no longer than 3 minutes each. There were so many great reading moments that we caught that day—it was incredibly hard to choose which clips to include in the final cuts.

Home Grown Books Video Guides

The second stage of filming happened once all the clips of children reading were finalized. Many more hours of video editing later, we had five complete videos featuring specific reading strategies, and one overview of a whole reading conference. All six videos can now be viewed on the Video Guides section of our Parent Resources page. In the coming weeks, we'll be going more in depth with each video on our blog, including additional tips, activities, and explanations around each reading strategy. 

Home Grown Books Videos

A sincere thank you to everyone that helped make these videos possible! We couldn't have done this project without such great support in the beginning from Chelsea Day School and all the families that volunteered to help.

  • Jessica Brown
  • educationhgb

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