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Children's Book Week Event at Hiho Batik

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of putting on a Children's Book Week event at Hiho Batik, a lovely children's art space and shop in Brooklyn. Sara Woster, artist of The City & Country Book Pack, led an afternoon filled with reading and painting.

Sara read My Walk and Night Light (both books from her set) and talked about the process of making the paintings for her books. The participating kids were able to see (and touch!) Sara's original oil paintings for her books before beginning their experimental painting activity.

We gave the kids all sorts of mark making objects to paint with, such as eye droppers, wooden rollers, q-tips, wooden geometric shapes, pom poms, palette knives, cut paper towel rolls, and enormous paint brushes. At first everyone went for the standard tiny paintbrushes, but within minutes every child was experimenting with the objects in front of them—or painting with their own hands. 

Honestly, I had to restrain myself from posting every photo I got from the event (to see all of them, check out our Facebook album). The results totally blew us away!


  • Jessica Brown
  • educationhgb

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