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Meet Our Artists: Cecile Dyer

In the third installment of Meet Our Artists video series, I'm happy to introduce Cecile Dyer, artist of The Play Book Pack.

Playful, curiosity-driven learning inspired each of Cecile's stories. There's all sorts of adorably imaginative play shown in her books: children go to space, animals join a band, and cats dress up in clothes, but young readers also explore instruments, animals, plants, and even baking through her line drawings and watercolor paintings.

Home Grown Books founder, Kyla Ryman, met Cecile at a home school collective in Brooklyn, where she was teaching beginning readers with her own handmade books. Cecile's interest in organic learning stemming from imagination and engaging experiences aligned perfectly with Kyla's educational philosophy. Cecile's work in that collective was an integral part to the beginning of Home Grown Books, and she became the first artist we collaborated with to create engaging books for beginning readers.

View more information about Cecile and The Play Book Pack.

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