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Meet Our Artists: Sara Woster

In our second part of our Meet Our Artists video series, I'm excited to introduce Sara Woster, artist of The City & Country Book Pack.

Sara's 8 books explore what it means to be a child in two different worlds: the city and the country. Exciting experiences that children can relate to are at the core of every book, allowing young readers to see themselves in this series. The themes in Sara's books all originate from her interest in how children observe and transform their environments.

When we began collaborating with Sara, we were excited to see how her painting style would translate to children's books. Her use of thick, beautifully messy oil paint is a signature of her work. Ultimately, her subjects really lend themselves to her painting style—her books are filled with exciting, playful images, and her brushstrokes mirror that.

Sara also didn't shy away from using dark colors in this collaboration, which we loved! Our mission is to provide books to children that respect their intelligence and understanding of the world, and this goes outside the concepts and text in our books—it also includes the art. Young readers can handle dark, muddy colors (after all, they see them in the world every day!). To exclude dark colors from children's books is just another way of unnecessarily dumbing the books down. In fact, one of our favorite books of Sara's is almost entirely dark colors: Night Light, an investigation into things that glow in the dark.

Night Light Board Book sample page

Night Light sample page

View more information about Sara and The City & Country Book Pack.

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