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Visual Thinking Strategies for Booklets

Building confidence and skills engaging with artwork can happen at an early age. Young children’s creativity and imagination are clearly apparent when making art, and strengthening communication skills through interpreting artwork both draws from the creativity and gives it room to grow. Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) are discussion tools developed...

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Montessori Literacy Activities

Here at Home Grown Books we’re committed to providing early literacy strategies that are effective and easy to incorporate into the home environment. Montessori methods of improving literacy seek to find the intersections of sensory play and engagement with letter sound and formation, storytelling, and vocabulary development. Pyjama School has...

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Art Creation Booklets for Beginning Readers

We’ve gathered three booklets perfect for introducing and familiarizing your child with art creation. The three booklets draw upon introductory art making skills including painting and color mixing, instruments and music making, and crafting. The books use simple language and sentence structure supported by vibrant illustration to create an artistic...

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Contemporary Art in the Classroom: Unconventional Markmaking

Introducing children to art should be a constant process of learning and unlearning- exposing budding artists to new ways of seeing and creating while encouraging them be creative and original themselves. Yves Klein used the human body as a painting tool in his series Anthropometries, sparking controversy following its debut in...

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Hazel Village Pop Up!

Join us in the Hazel Village workshop tomorrow, Saturday the 24th. All of our books will be available including our new fall releases!   Come check out the Hazel Village Garden Party on Saturday, September 24th from 11am to 2pm at 510 Third Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215.

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Autumnal Sensory Activities

Ring in the fall season with autumn themed sensory activities that will improve fine motor skills. The change of season can mean exciting new projects and activities to try out. Take advantage of the newly vibrant landscape and get to playing! Bleeding Tissue Paper Art Create abstract fall scenery, a...

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Directional Words for Beginning Readers

We’ve gathered four booklets perfect for introducing and familiarizing your child with following directions and maps. The four booklets use visual cues to support your child’s understanding of directions, using prepositions of movements, seeing how each step works together with the others to further a project, and maps, introducing key...

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  • Kristin McLaughlin

Dive into the magical worlds of What Do You See? and Air! Our two newest board books go on sale today. Jsyamsek Explore Wangechi Mutu’s fantastical world in What Do You See? an unusual seek-and-find book for inquisitive children. Close up images of Mutu’s rich artwork cover the pages, perfect for...

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