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About Us

Home Grown Books was founded on a simple philosophy: children deserve reading material as rich as their imaginations.

After years of having difficulty finding high quality early reader books outside of schools, reading specialist Kyla Ryman founded Home Grown Books. As an advocate of organic learning for young children, Kyla knew that beginning readers would be more successful when they were engaged with the reading material. The creation of Home Grown Books was the solution: a company dedicated to creating early reading content that is visually stimulating, respects the intelligence of young learners, and still engages mom and dad.
Home Grown Books about us

Home Grown Books reading

Reading is the key to lifelong learning.

Our most fundamental goal is to give your child a successful reading experience. We pair simple, supportive text with ideas and story lines that appeal to children’s natural curiosity. Words and sounds are introduced in a meaningful context that honor children’s innate intelligence.

The key to reading success is to play and revisit. Play with words, images, and dreams. Because our books support your beginning reader’s imagination, they will revisit our books again and again, each time strengthening important reading habits and fostering confidence as a reader. Children love to reread their favorite books and have the first experience of “being a reader”!

Home Grown books arts based learning

Art engages the imagination of young learners.

The collaboration of artists and educators is an important part of the Home Grown Books model. We value that young children understand much more than they can initially read, so we use conceptually rich artwork as an entrance into the world of reading.

We respect the imagination and curiosity that children bring to the beginning reading process, so we never simplify or ‘dumb down’ our artwork for young learners. Each artist we work with brings their own art and ideas to the process, resulting in a early reader book that is engaging for parents and children alike.

Home Grown Books eco-friednly

Always eco-friendly, Always sustainable.

We are committed to keeping our eco-footprint as small as possible for your family and for the planet we share. Our entire printing process is green. We use wind power, recycled paper, and no-VOC vegetable inks to make our books. You can take comfort in knowing that our products are always safe for your family and never harmful to the environment.

Every Home Grown Books product is crafted by skilled artisans who are active in building sustainable, diverse communities. We strive to keep our production process as community oriented as possible through working with small, local businesses in the United States and fair trade collectives abroad.

Home Grown Books family reading

USING commerce to support our core values.

We are dedicated to supporting organic beginning reading practices and creativity in early education.

Home Grown Books exists to help build and strengthen your community by offering free educational resources for parents and donating a percent of profits to arts based literacy programs.

Who We Are

Kyla Ryman Home Grown BooksAfter years of having difficulty finding high quality early reader books outside of schools, reading specialist Kyla Ryman founded Home Grown Books. Kyla is a mother of two boys and an advocate of organic learning for children. Kyla has a Masters in Early Childhood Education and a Reading Specialty from Bank Street College. She taught for 12 years in the public school system, tutored and worked with a homeschool collective.
Jessica’s own work as an artist and art educator give her a special perspective into Home Grown Books’ product development and identity. Her former work within museums and community art spaces enables her to gracefully navigate a creative environment that fuses art and education. Jessica is a graduate from Florida State University’s Fine Arts program and has worked as an art educator for 6 years.

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